Visualize 2030

I’m really excited to announce I was chosen as one of the winners of Google Cloud’s Visualize 2030 competition! The challenge was to use Google Data Studio and data from the World bank and the United Nations to tell a data-driven story that explores how at least two sustainable development goals influence each other, and how they can be achieved by 2030.

As someone with an interest in development studies and a love for data, this project was a dream come true. Not only was the material interesting, but it challenged me to learn how to use Google Data Studio, which was completely new to me when I started working on my submission. If you want to learn more about Google Data Studio, my impressions and my guide for beginners, I’ll be sharing an article on interhacktives that you can check out shortly!

As for my project, inspired by the record high number of women in Congress in the US, I wanted to tell a data story related to the positive impact women in government can have on a nation.

With this in mind, my data story was centered on goal 5 (gender equality), and goal 16 (peace, justice, & strong institutions). Using the WDI and SDI datasets, I attempted to show the relationship between increased female participation and reduced corruption and stronger institutions, using Rwanda as a paradigm of this phenomenon. Although the datasets had a wide range of data available, I chose to display the indicators with the best, most complete data (some had missing countries), and used those to build the argument for my case.

You can take a look at my project below. And you should also check out the other 4 winners and their amazing submissions here :)